Maca root herb Peruvian aphrodisiac

Maca Root

Gelatinized Maca from MacaSource

90 capsules, 500 mg

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MacaSource maca capsules exactly match the maca specifications Peruvian University Cayetano Heredia used in the only professionally recognized human clinical trials of maca ever conducted: 500mg gelatinized pure maca root per capsule.

Phase I clinical trials lasted nine months and were completed in August 2001. The findings made headline news worldwide:

—Increases sexual libido (desire) by an average of 180%

—Increases sperm count and sperm motility (important for conception) by an average of 200%

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Gelatinized maca does not mean gelatin capsules or mixed with gelatin. It refers to the process the maca undergoes, a similar process to the purification of gelatin. The process removes starches and breaks down the bonds that bind the starch molecules to the amino acids and other compounds locked within.

This does two things, it removes starch (which comprises 33% of the maca plant) and leaves behind the chemicals and nutrients, therefore concentrating the important elements of the maca root. It also frees the macaenes and macatides from their starch bonds which human digestion cannot fully break, meaning the gelatinized maca will yield a much higher percentage of absorbed macaenes than non-gelatinized. How can you tell if the maca you are buying is gelatinized? The front of the package should say so. It's an expensive process so if a company is going to pay that much extra they're going to want to let people know they're buying the "good stuff".

maca root
90 caps 500 mg each
100% gelatinized maca root

Recommended Dosage

< 1 capsule three times per day or one hour prior to sexual activity.

Use in accordance with instructions on label.

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