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Herbal Nurse® Inc.
First Floor, 12311 Pine
Garden Grove, CA 92840
(714) 530-5145 tel
(866) 710-6222 toll-free (US only)
(714) 459-7301 fax


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The Herbal Insider Newswire is a monthly collaboration from dozens of herbal supplement, alternative medicine and functional food wholesalers and retailers worldwide. It is delivered once a month at no charge to your e-mail address and includes:

1) Information on newly discovered herbs and their properties;

2) The most up-to-date clinical studies on natural remedies, how they rate compared to traditional (i.e., prescription) remedies, including side effects, and what to ask your doctor if you are considering taking a break from pharmaceutical medicine in favor of natural medicine.

3) The latest information on efforts by the FDA to regulate over-the-counter herbal or other currently non-regulated herbal and nutritional compounds, reasons for and opinions regarding these anticipated actions, and estimated timetables for possible regulatory action. (Currently, in the USA, kava root is being investigated for possible regulation. Kava is already regulated in Germany. Saw Palmetto extract is regulated in Poland. DHEA is illegal in California. Yohimbe is illegal in Canada. Androstenedione is currently on the red alert watch list for FDA action.) Get advance warning on what supplements are being targeted next and why.

4) Benefit from monthly inventory clearances by the industry sponsors of the Herbal Insider Newswire. Buy your favorite supplements at below wholesale cost based on minor cosmetic damage from humidity, bottle dings from shipping transit, and other aesthetic flaws that are guaranteed not to affect the potency of the product.**

**Note: These offers are first come, first serve and supplies are usually exhausted within hours of the mailing which has led to disappointment with a number of subscribers. Please be aware that participating manufacturers offer these items at or below cost in order to free up warehouse space and will not substitute undamaged product once the damaged lot(s) have been spoken for.

5) Exclusive access to unbelievable deals on discontinued products, overstocked products, special promotions on new items for manufacturers looking to subsidize initial word-of-mouth viral marketing, etc.

6) Unlike 99% of what you receive in your e-mail box each month, you will look forward to your Herbal Insider Newswire. And if for any reason that's not the case, each email has a prominent "opt-out" link that will immediately purge your address from the database permanently. Herbal Insider Newswire uses a 3rd party e-mail firm called Constant Contact to manage the subscribers. Our commitment to online privacy extends to not just our customers here at Herbal Nurse, but to the customers of our industry peers, to visitors of our site who prefer browsing to purchasing, in short -- to anyone. We hope that you will be vigilant in helping to reduce the blight of spam from this exciting new forum, the internet, by aggressively reporting unrequested inbox clutter to organizations such as SpamCop. When reported enough times, offenders will eventually have their IP addresses blacklisted from the majority of internet mail destinations such as AOL, MSN, Yahoo, etc.

Easy opt-out, just hit reply and type "unsubscribe" in subject line - that's it - you won't receive another email from us

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